Vegan Pizzas in Greenpoint

Vegan Pizzas in Greenpoint

I used to shy away from vegan pizza pie. Either it was piled high with heavy, wet veggies on a soggy crust or it was topped with the dreaded Daiya.

But these days, vegan stuff is improving. Like at Greenpoint Brooklyn’s Adelina’s, who has been on my radar since they started doing Meatless Mondays. They now have permanent, labeled vegan options. And I am glad I waited. Their vegan pizza is perfection: crust, texture, cashew cheese, and toppings are all spot-on. I think I might have said it was the best vegan pizza I ever had. And I’ve had it all.IMG_1338

But the pizza (named The Green Piece, with sauce, roasted cherry tomatoes, olive, arugula, and vegan cashew cheese) wasn’t all. Fresh-made gnocchi with fresh-made green pesto. It’s amazing and all-vegan. IMG_1340

A closer look at the soft, pillowy gnocchi. It had little spears of string bean that allowed you to eat more of that pesto.IMG_1342

Best in show!IMG_1344

Because they had a vegan dessert, we went for it: a Lemon Rosemary cake. It was pretty, but seemed more of a breakfast bite. Like a big moist biscotti.IMG_1347

Then, a stop at the brand new Screamers Pizzeria, part of the Champs Family… in the old Champs outpost. Are you noticing a pattern here? A Champs opens somewhere… then moves/closes… then a new vegan place takes the space. Ok, ok. Maybe it’s not that much of a pattern yet. (Champs Diner into Haymaker’s Corner Store and now Champs Junior into Screamers Pizzeria, though Champ’s original (my favorite) space (Bone Shakers) did not go vegan.) IMG_1349

Screamers is a collaboration between Philly’s Blackbird Pizzeria.

My slice. It’s got Daiya. I ate around it, which was easy because we had just come from Adelina’s and I was full. It was good. Not like Adelina’s, which I just named Best in Pizza, soon to be added to my new page. Screamers is experimenting with making housemade cheeses, which I’ll be holding out for.IMG_1353