Vegan Shop-up @ Pine Box Rock Shop

Vegan Shop-up @ Pine Box Rock Shop

I usually shy away from these kinds of shop-up things. My introversion makes them quite taxing. But every once and a while, I’ll partake. Mostly because I’m irrationally obligated to carry out my Burger Showdown in a timely fashion. I had to hit Cinnamon Snail for their burger. But we ate other things, too.IMG_2871

Having had Maresa’s and Lagusta’s recently, I opted for Gone PieIMG_2844

A s’mores brownie with a chocolate spider will do. Very rich and fudgy.IMG_2846

My pal got the sweet potato pie. It was cashew-based creamy delicious.IMG_2848

A Yeah Dawg with a bunch of stuff on it.IMG_2860

And a big beet burger at Greenpoint’s Jungle Cafe.IMG_2880