Vegan Toasted Ravioli

Vegan Toasted Ravioli

Deep fried ravioli is as good as it sounds. And easy. Next time you are in the mood for simple and delicious, let some frozen raviolis thaw overnight in the refrigerator. You’ll likely be in the the same mood the next day.

Deep fried ravioli, or Toasted Ravioli, supposedly hails from St. Louis. Whether that is its true origin or not, it makes perfect sense. For a killer vegan version, pick up some Rising Moon Organics vegan raviolis. They have several kinds available but look for the symbol. They have a bunch of dairy ravioli too. I choose the spinach florentine with a soy ricotta and spinach filling.

Next, prepare your drenching bowls while you’re heating up some canola oil. In one bowl, your “egg wash”… which is soy milk and some dissolved corn starch. Corn starch is thee secret ingredient for a great coating for fried goodies. In another bowl, your bread crumb. Use Panko because those nice big pieces of crumb will crisp up deliciously, making the texture perfecto.

After a dip in the wash and crumbs, fry them in bubbly oil until they’re brown on both sides, only about a minute each side. Let them sit on some paper towel while you fry up the whole package 6 at a time. These ravioli fry very quickly since they’re so small. If you are using larger ravioli, they make take longer.

And here they are all ready for some sauce. Golden brown fried skin, their spinach filled bellies protruding slightly giving you a hint of what’s on the inside.

These scrumptious little bites were so satisfying. Crisp, hearty.. can I say delicious again? Delicious.

Though you can get fancy with dipping sauces, I heated up a very good jar sauce. I wanted this meal to be simple after all.

Once you go toasted, boiling may not cut it anymore.