Vegan Victuals in Vermont

Vegan Victuals in Vermont

Last time I spent any time in Vermont, I was just a young punk snowboarding on the motel bed. IMG_7530

This time, like twenty years later, it is summer here in Vermont. The blazing sun, blue sky, and green mountains made for a beautiful scenic drive–off the interstate, behind careful trailers that help you acclimate, begrudgingly, to the speed of things round these parts. Then, a concrete gorilla holding a VW Bug reminds you that it’s about the drive there, not the destination. Or other such clichés.

Of course, it is about the food, too. And I love me a New England road trip because of things like this–higher quality soda fountains and easy vegan labeling, like this huge flag in New Moon Cafe in downtown Burlington. PicMonkey Collage

We arrived for a quick, late lunch before a dinner reservation. I got the Vegan Delight, as it was easy and I was starving. Strips of soy saucy seitan, red pepper hummus, smeared avocado, a very fragrant basil pesto, red onion, grilled eggplant & zucchini, spinach on pressed whole wheat bread. A yummy sandwich in a wide open space. IMG_7534

I was excited for dinner at Revolution Kitchen. They have a dreamy menu of upscale options. The kind that can carry you through hours of driving. IMG_7540

First, their “Nachos.” But this is not a pile of chips. This is guacamole-filled deep fried wontons, non-aluminum can tasting Cuban black beans, a cashew queso and salsa fresca. Downright delectable. IMG_7544

For an entree, the beloved Seitan Piccata. This is the dinner equivalent to a tofu benny: if it’s on the menu, I’ll likely be choosing it. Two succulent lemony seitan cutlets atop garlic mashed potatoes, topped with sauteed spinach and that lovely white wine caper sauce. Perfection.
PicMonkey Collage2

A quick three-bite dessert afterwards at My Little Cupcake just down the block. I got all the vegan offerings they had: vanilla with vanilla buttercream, vanilla with chocolate buttercream, and, my favorite, a cookies n’ cream cupcake.  PicMonkey Collage3

The sun beams over Champlain Lake, saying goodnight to the long day that started in New York. See you tomorrow, Vermont.IMG_7564