Vegans can go nuts at FOUGHNUTS in Great Neck.

Vegans can go nuts at FOUGHNUTS in Great Neck.

So there is a donut shop in Great Neck, Long Island that is mostly vegan.  How fantastic, right?!  Foughnuts bills itself as a more healthful donut.  And that means… vegan options! (Don’t tell the folks that are still scared of the v-word.)  I stopped by on a rainy Monday to do a taste test.

I expected one measly vegan option but was delighted to learn that the entirety of the large bakery case was vegan. At least 10 selections, maybe 12?  All-vegan. So I did what any one person would do. I bought half a dozen. 

From left to right, top row: Red velvet, Vanilla Birthday Cake, Samoa (drooool). Botton row: Raspberry Jammin’, Pumpkin Spice, Glazed Vanilla.  See, not just one boring option. Long Island’s vegan game is brought!

Let’s look at them in a different formation. 

My first try, the Vanilla Birthday Cake. Delicious, moist cake donut. I am so impressed. 

Raspberry filled and spiced.  Thank you, Foughnuts, for not having boring and uninspired vegan options.  Outstanding. IMG_3878

What is that… Velvet? Yes, Red Velvet.  IMG_3880

The vanilla glazed a day or so later. IMG_3891

The Samoa–sweet nostalgia. IMG_3886

I’ll be visiting again soon, Foughnuts!  Keep up the wonderful vegan options!