Visiting the Isle of Manhattan

Visiting the Isle of Manhattan

A trip to Manhattan to visit to all-vegan eateries started with killing time at By Chloe’s Sweets shop.

I was impressed with their extensive selection. Pies, bars, cookies, layer cakes, cupcakes…img_6211

Everything sitting pretty. img_6212

I got a couple of old fashioned chocolate chip cookies. They were reminiscent of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. As a huge fan of the chocolate chip cookie, I loved her take. img_6216

Time for dinner at Ladybird, a beautiful all-vegan tapas spot in the West Village. The space, signage and elegant decor was perfect for two nasty women. img_6218

To start, my Golden Pheasant, Pineau de Charantes, Meyer lemon, ginger, & orange bitters, in the forefront.img_6220

Coconut Croqueta with bell pepper bechamel, orange romesco & jalapeño. Creamy, delicate though deep-fried. I could have eaten a 12-pack.img_6223

A vegan take on Saganaki: flaming mozzarella, smoked carrot & carrot green pesto crostini. So delightful to watch it burn… but the vodka used to ignite had a horrendous effect on the taste. Not really worth the show.img_6230

The vegan cheese had a great texture, however. img_6232

Caramelized Artichoke Heart, marcona almond, crème fraîche, savory & maldon sea salt. Suprisingly sweet and absolutely lovely. These dishes are all so delicate and delicious. img_6235

We also went for the risotta: saffron, oyster mushroom, orange romesco, fried garbanzo & black vinegar. Good but a bit too subdued in flavor.img_6239

I’ve been having a lot of churros lately! These little churro rings were delicious, as they usually are. Overall, a great spot for all-vegan dainty plates.  img_6241