Voodoo Doughnut… finally.

Voodoo Doughnut… finally.

Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon was the first vegan doughnut option I ever heard of. Like real doughnuts. Not circular cakes with holes in them. And I’ve never had them. It didn’t sit right with me. In fact, having only a handful of blog posts on Portland–thee vegan capitol of the world, I’ll boldy say–did not sit right with me either. Well, I’m here now. And I’ve come for my doughnuts.DSC_0010

I went to Voodoo at the crack of dawn: partly to avoid the lines the place draws and partly because I had too much eating to do today. This 2nd Portland location (on NE Davis) was deserted when I arrived. Perfect. DSC_0015

Even with no one behind me, I rushed myself into a decision. DSC_0004

I chose, paid, and sat down with them in an attempt to prolong the encounter.

The Loop & a jam-filled Voodoo Doll DSC_0005

Doughnut deliciousness. What a way to start the day! DSC_0008