The bummer of my flight being cancelled seemed to infiltrate my food choices, too. I plan to make up for these less than wonderful options with a kick-butt breakfast tomorrow. But first, some roamings: The Babcock Building of the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum, now empty and decaying.DSC_0006



The UFO Welcome Center in Bowman, South Carolina. Though visitors are invited to enter, it didn’t look to sturdy. IMG_2442


A hasty choice in lunch back in Charleston, Dellz Uptown is kind of frozen in time. IMG_2455

Tell me you wouldn’t totally be thrill about this wrap in 1996. IMG_2448

And I kid you not that I could NOT break this cookie in half with my hands.  IMG_2443

And now, eager for a satisfying sweet treat, dreaming of Sweet Theory Baking Co. from yesterday, I gave Cupcake Downsouth a try. They had a vegan option on Fridays. But I guess today… I can’t get no satisfaction.IMG_2456

Taste, texture, frosting… all ummm, huh? It is great that they offer vegan options, but I think the recipe needs to be overhauled.IMG_2457

I think the record heat index is messing me all up. I decided on pizza chain Mellow Mushroom for dinner. You can veganize their pizzas with some effort. If you have time to wait a few tries for them to get it right.IMG_2462

This is the 3rd pie they had to make me. I appreciate them catching the errors, but would have preferred the pizza I asked for in a reasonable amount of time. They did comp it in the end, however. IMG_2466

And it still wasn’t what I asked for. They left off the tofu. And the other toppings were really sparse. What the heck today?IMG_2467

Ok, Charleston, you’re going to have to do better tomorrow.