Waffles at Pine Box Rock Shop

Waffles at Pine Box Rock Shop

CandyPenny‘s “Living Social” coupon deal for Pine Box Rock Shop‘s waffle Sunday was burning a hole in our respective calendars for weeks. It was finally time. With rotating choices of toppings like fruit compotes, chocolate sauce and the essential maple syrup and Earth Balance, I was Sunday-morning-stumped as unfortunately the deal only included one. But c’mon, if it’s not smothered in real maple syrup and a huge slab of EB, is it really a waffle?

There she is in her glory: blueberry compote-EB lava pouring out of each corner. Chomping this down made me realize several things: 1) a hot, golden brown waffle topped with sweet and salty toppings is near perfection, 2) paper plates should not exist and 3) an all-vegan bar with food deals like this a mere two-subway stops from my apartment is a beautiful thing.

A pint of cold beer. Sure, it’s a bit early but the back end of the casket factory holds onto a lot of heat.

And hell, why not use the other Pine Box coupon for empanadas immediately after using the one for waffles?! Brunch then a lunch: jerk seitan empanadas imported from Park Slope’s V-Spot. These are tasty. We got 4 of the jerk seitan, having all sworn of the intestinal-hurting Daiya.

The gorgeous T & A recline after our vegan binge.