Walking in a Vegan Wonderland: Bryant Park Winter Village

Walking in a Vegan Wonderland: Bryant Park Winter Village

It isn’t a coincidence that there are a tons of vegan vendors in Bryant Park’s Winter Village. The owner of the company that organizes this annual set up of holiday shops around Bryant Park’s ice rink is a vegan. I found my way nearby and decided to binge eat as many of the available options as I could, after-school special style. Here is my report on 8 of the all-vegan eateries.

Vegushi is an all-vegan sushi vendor offering 5 specialty rolls. I tried the Bryant Park Roll, an avocado, eggplant, and pickle roll topped with sweet potato. A wonderful appetizer in this tour of vegetable appreciation. PicMonkey Collage1

After, a trip to Super Mac + Cheez. Want some creamy mac & cheez without any packaged garbage in it? Head over to this spot for cup runneth over of cheesy elbows. PicMonkey Collage2

Next, I walked by Vedge, not the Philly Vedge but an all-vegan Asian soy science meat-type spot. I did not sample anything from them, but wanted to share their menu in case you’re into that thing.IMG_4271

Time for some sweets! This Pie is Nuts, as the name implies, sells nut-based all-vegan versions of classic pies. I bought the Sweet Potato and Coconut Creme pies and decided to not eat them immediately. I promise I’ll get back to you on this after they are devoured on Thanksgiving!PicMonkey Collage4

Next, I had to get some goodies at Kaleidoscope, which is really Lagusta’s Luscious and Sweet Maresa’s beautiful chocolates, macarons, and other delicious pleasures. All-vegan heavenly bliss…PicMonkey Collage5

There are some all-vegan stops I did not stop by… The Lucky Sailor sells French fries.  Pickle Me Pete sells pickles, including fried ones, and is based out of Long Island. Saj Mahal sells Lebanese cuisine.

By the time I saw Marty’s (this Marty’s), I was stuffed. Plus, Marty’s burger is in the brackets of my next burger showdown, so I wanted to relish in the anticipation of that battle a bit.  IMG_4280

Plus, I had more sweets on the mind. I wanted to try the all-vegan Chimney Cake, flaky Hungarian cakes smeared with delicious chocolate spread. PicMonkey Collage6