Weird Vegan Valentines & Divine Treasures

Weird Vegan Valentines & Divine Treasures

I read this one as “You do all the others” at first.  The beet is an important part of the sentence.

vegetable-children-valentines-day-postcards-9You are the dapper apple guy of my eye…

vegetable-children-valentines-day-postcards-12Wait what? Your unkindness?

vegetable-children-valentines-day-postcards-6You have a red pepper temper, my dear.

vegetable-children-valentines-day-postcards-8We would make a happy strangely dressed pear head with an empty serving tray.

My groggy, just woke up pictures of my Divine Treasures vegan chocolates.

And I’m the nice one, don’t you know?

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