What’s the Best Vegan Burger in New York City? [Part 1]

What’s the Best Vegan Burger in New York City? [Part 1]

That is the question. A good, hearty and satisfying veggie burger is an occasional must. And luckily it they’re pretty much a menu staple at both veg and omni eateries alike. But where to go? A group of vegan field reporters and I bring you this expansive report on the good, the bad and the ugly. In no particular order:

Cafe Blossom East‘s Soy Bacon cheeseburger (Upper East Side)
Pros: Satisfying, juicy, doesn’t crumble, vegan cheese option
Cons: pricey, upscale environment

Energy Kitchen‘s veggie burger (several NYC locations)
Pro: Quick if in a bind
Cons: Mush-fest, bland, Del-Monte veg fest (peas, cubed carrots, lima beans), place uses a ton of disposable plasticsIMG_7017

Bliss‘s veggie burger (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Pros: Beets!, big, hearty, fresh & clean
Cons: Earthy, a bit dryIMG_6719 2

Anytime‘s Quinoa and lentil burger (Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
Pros: Quinoa, late night delivery, comes with mound of tater tots
Con: Mush-fest and crumbly at the same timeIMG_6604

Good Health Natural Cafe‘s black bean burger (Upper East Side)
Pros: hearty, good bite
Cons: frozen patty, chips on the side

Lodge‘s veggie burger (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Pros: Huge, hearty, housemade, lentils, waffle fries
Con: questionable bun

Lucky’s Famous Burgers‘s California Veggie Burger (Chelsea)
Pro: friendly service?
Cons: mushy, Del-Monte veg fest, questionable bun

Better Burger‘s Soy Burger (Chelsea)
Pros: hearty soy protein patty, reliably good, quick and easy
Con: not served hot, maybe sitting around?

Red Bamboo‘s Bamburger (West Village)
Pros: hearty, greasy fast foody fulfillment
Cons: processed soy science meat product, bad bun, bad vegan cheese

Bone Shakers‘s Magnus (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Pros: Hearty, house-made patty, great fresh bread and fixings
Con: I am enamored by this place and have yet to find a critique not overshadowed by their food’s greatness.

Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop‘s Big Mack Daddy with vegan substitutions (Lower East Side)
Pros: Hearty, great fixings/sauces, great bun… um, perfect
Con: I said…um, perfect

Quantum Leap‘s Vegan Grilled Burger (East Village)
Pros: Hearty, vegan cheese option, great fries on the side
Cons: Seems to be a frozen patty, soft bun