What’s the Best Vegan Burger in New York City? [Part 2]

What’s the Best Vegan Burger in New York City? [Part 2]

The search continues, in intervals of 12. What is all this burger-eating leading up to? My decision on who makes the best vegan burger in New York City, of course. It is forthcoming.

The Organic Grill‘s Organic Grill Burger (East Village)
Pro: Very tasty, housemade, great fixings, a very good vegan burger
Con: Mushy but more good-mushy

Good Health Burger‘s Tex-Mex Burger (Midtown East)
Pro: Flavorful and yummy
Con: mushy

Metro Diner‘s House-made Veggie Burger (Upper West Side)
Pro: Hearty is an understatement, lentils, diner fries
Con: Bun ain’t the greatest

Enid’s Homemade Veggie Burger (Greenpoint)
Pro: housemade, tasty, good texture
Con: a little salty

Dojo‘s Soy Burger Dinner (West Village)
Pro: Carrot-ginger dressing, nostalgia
Con: mushy is the name of the game

Life Cafe‘s New Garden Burger (East Village)
Pro: Housemade, location-location-location
Con: Pita, mush

Counter‘s East Side Burger (East Village)
Pro: Hearty, delicious, potato bun
Con: A bit crumbly and pricey

Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch‘s Basic Burger (East Village)
Pro: Great all-around
Con: Bun a bit tough

Choice‘s Vegetable Burger (DUMBO)
Pro: Tasty, well-dressed, good value
Con: Questionable bun

Nature’s Grill Cafe‘s Veggie Burger (Cobble Hill)
Pro: Eh.
Con: No buns in the place (how late 90s), mush-fest, frozen patty, slow & packed

Loving Hut‘s Loving Hut Burger (MSG area)
Pro: tasty dressing & veggies, good flavor
Con: processed soy science meat product, bun too thick/dry

New York Burger & Co.‘s Mediterranean Veggie Burger (Chelsea)
Pro: Separate grill/spatula, nice flavor
Con: mush-fest, the rest of the menu