What’s the Best Vegan Burger in New York City? [Part 3]

What’s the Best Vegan Burger in New York City? [Part 3]

Candle 79‘s Black Bean Pumpkin Seed Burger (Upper East Side)
Pro: It’s absolutely yummy, polenta fries
Con: It’s also a mush-fest, pricey

Josie’s NYC‘s Organic 3-grain vegetable burger (Upper West Side)
Pro: Quinoa, bulgur & cous cous-oh my!
Con: A bit pricey

Goodburger‘sVeggie Burger (Union Square)
Pro: Separate grill, good quick burger
Con: Mushy

Bliss‘s Tofu Hijiki Burger (Williamsburg)
Pro: Tasty & fresh
Con: Too much bun

Kate’s Joint‘s Broke Back Burger (East Village)
Pro: Great focaccia, reliably good
Con: A bit dry

Village Natural‘s Vegan Burger (West Village)
Pro: Ample veggies on plate, sweet potato fry option
Con: Soy science meat

Atlas Cafe‘s Sunshine Burger (East Village)
Pro: Eh.
Cons: Iceberg lettuce, crumbly served on mushy sprouted bread with 3 potato chips

Cafe Blossom‘s Veggie Grain Burger (Upper West Side)
Pro: Glorious mush-fest
Con: Also a crumble-fest

Green Cafe‘s Vegetable Burger (Midtown)
Pro: They fetched the ingredients
Con: Eh.

Gobo‘s Home-made Veggie Burger (West Village)
Pro: fresh veggies
Con: standard mush texture

Cafeteria‘s Veggie Burger (7 ave & 17th st)
Pros: big, tasty, fresh
Con: crumbly

Oneness-Fountain-Heart‘s Ponderosa Burger (Flushing, Queens)
Pro: Topped with freshness and flavor
Con: Soy science meat underneath