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DSC_0088Lest you think me a sunflower stalker (I am), please know that Babbette’s Seeds of Hope was the first field of sunflowers I knew about, though I suppose I realized they existed, and the very first field of sunflowers I intended to visit… the reason for the route I established for this trip months ago, was Babette’s Seeds of Hope. It was about the chance to walk within rows of towering sunflowers, yes. But it was the story behind these fields too. A passionate Wisconsin farmer, Babette was known as the sunflower lady. When she passed away after a 9-year battle with cancer at the age of 66, her husband planted miles of sunflowers along the highway in memory of his love. Babette’s Seeds of Hope are now blooming all over as those moved by her story purchase her seeds, which partly benefit cancer research.

So, more pictures of beautiful sunflowers. You got a problem wit that?!DSC_0016

Lessons learned from sunflowers: Bask.DSC_0010

Look on the sunny side of things.DSC_0058

Keep friends that have similar interests.DSC_0039

Keep your head up.DSC_0045

Share what you have. (with bees and others)

Build an army.DSC_0078

In the cute little town of Menomie, Wisconsin is a darling little eatery with plenty of vegan options. The Raw Deal offers healthful options in dairyland. It was a welcome spot to recharge.IMG_3378


I had a flax wrap filled with walnut pate and some fresh veggies. And a slice of choco-nilla pie. Hearty and satisfying.IMG_3373

Finally, Herbivorous Butcher, the world’s first full-scale vegan “butcher.” What vegan doesn’t want the chance to visit their local butcher?!PicMonkey Collage1

They had plenty of meaty stuff to feast on, though I was just browsing.IMG_3381



I did get a sammy to go. An Italian cold cut hero with their meats and housemade nut cheese and that oil and vinegar dressing. Tasted like a memory. Delicious. PicMonkey Collage2