X’s to O’s Vegan Bakery is the capitol area’s only all-vegan bakery. 

Home to many-a delicious sweet treats, the ladies at X’s to O’s serve up cupcakes, donuts, Twinkie-like cakes, whoopie pies, as well as smoothies and now brunch… which means I will definitely will be back! I order a bagful of goodies while dropping v-bombs with the countergal.  {She knew all the hot spots and gave me a great recommendation for a local peanut butter maker, Peanut Principal.} Let’s look closer at their awesome vegan treats…

Yes, variety is the vegan buttercream of life.

I just had to get the tiramisu cupcake. For me, tiramisu is like the tempeh reuben of the cupcake world… I have to order it when I see it. And look how lovely it looks. The cake was spongey and bottom-soaked in coffee. The icing completed it just perfectly. What a cupcake dreamboat!

Some other beauties.

I’ll be back X’s to O’s! You were the perfect dessert course to my quick Albany excursion. xo, V.V.