You Are Where You Eat

You Are Where You Eat

Here is a photo recap of the tasty morsels I munched on in Sukhothai, Phitsanulok, Phimai and Nong Kaen.

I must make special mention of Ban Thai Guesthouse‘s food. The best I’ve had in Thailand so far. The menu is huge and they sub tofu for meat in any dish. The chef’s recommended King Sweet & Sour was perfection.

Also in Sukhothai, an amazing Thai dessert stand at the night market. Most of them were totally vegan so I tried, you guested it, most of them.

If you’re ever in Phitsanulok, let me tell you were to get substansive veggie fare. This place at 55 Srithammatripidok Rd, across from the hospital.

And this place, on the way to the folk museum on Wisutkaset Rd.

In Phimai, I pigged out on junk. A sweet women frying up these coconut cakes on the street had no idea how she helped curb my craving for vegan baked goods, which are nonexistent here.

Eating at the night market is tough for a vegetarian. Along with pig’s heads, chicken on a stick and other meat delicacies, there is maybe 2 or 3 options for me, all being deep-fried. For the occasion, I opted for another Coke with my batter-dipped chilies in sweet & sour sauce.

But dessert is a different story. I scored a big portion of mango & sticky rice and kow dom mats… but this time not only did they have my standard banana kow dom mat but also ones with tarot. Holy moly.

More delicious crap for breakfast. These steamed little gems are much like the vegetable buns at Zen Palate ‘cept inside ain’t veggies but some sugary sweet pineapple concoction.