You were a bluebird; you were a brownie. You were a New Vegan Girl Scout Cookie.

You were a bluebird; you were a brownie. You were a <b>New Vegan Girl Scout Cookie</b>.

How exciting to have even more vegan Girl Scout cookie options this year!

That’s right, ABC Bakers–the Girl Scouts’ west coast cookie manufacturer–added a new 5th vegan cookie option to their repertoire. I reported on the first three options a couple of years back. The next year, the east coast (Little Brownie Bakers) got with the program, joining ABC Bakers in adding the new vegan Thin Mint to their line-up. This year, ABC Bakers adds the S’mores… not to be confused with the sandwich cookie S’mores that Little Brownie Bakers also launched this year: not vegan.

Though these cookies have that fantastic nostalgic taste, possible the result of processed ingredients and waxy, cheap chocolate, I am far more excited to use them as a base of a real s’mores around a fire some time in the summer. It’s the very thin encasement of vanilla cream that leaves a bit to be desired. It just isn’t enough to be s’mores-like. 

But c’mon, 5 types of vegan Girl Scout cookies?! Rejoice!